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Welcome to Canway Packers & Logistics. our company provides the best relocation services to customers. All your relocation operations are done successfully and we are provided with all services with the help of modern equipment which is why your relocation is only to be sure, our professional team is able to handle each of your relocations accurately and make sure to deliver services at the right time.

India's Leading and Most Reputed Mover

Canway Packers & Logistics provides the best and premium relocation services to the customer which is why our company maintains its reputation in the relocation industry and as a successful relocation company in today's time.

Nationwide Moving

Canway Packers & Logistics is expanding its business all over India and serving customers with genuine relocation services.

Supply Chain

We have the largest supply chain in the relocation industry. It helps us provide Special relocation service to the customer.

Our Mission

We Are The Leading Moving Company in India. Our mission is to offer unmatched customer service and customized services to make your move a stress-free experience. Over thousands of happy clients have used our services to relocate. We offer domestic and international relocation. Our professional team and extensive logistic infrastructure provide a high level of service and guarantee damage-free delivery. The company also offers storage services for your belongings. Our highly trained and experienced relocation experts take the stress out of your move, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands. In addition to domestic and international relocation services. The company is equipped to handle both residential and corporate relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start the packing and shifting process, you must plan and organize the move properly. This includes choosing a good packer and mover, deciding the type of packing, and moving services you want, and what you must do before the packers come. We'll also cover some tips for minimizing the cost of your move, including how to plan your move before the packers arrive. Listed below are some tips to help you make the most of the packing and moving process.

1. Why Choosing the right packer and mover for your shifting is important?

The process of moving your home or office can be stressful and tedious. You need to carefully pack and transfer your items to the new location. You need to take off work to move. Hiring a truck and cargo carrier is not the best option if you do not have time to pack your belongings. Additionally, cargo carriers do not take responsibility for your belongings, only for getting them to the new location on time. To choose the right packer and mover, conduct research and ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Start by doing a simple Google search and check out the shortlisted companies. Look for reviews online and talk to friends and family members about their experience with a particular company. Do not forget to check out the company's licensing and legal credentials. Always choose a company with experience and a reputation for providing top-notch services.

2. What steps do you take before the packers come for packing while moving your home?

Before a packer comes to shift your home or office items, you should clear the entire place. Clutter makes the workspace unproductive, so keeping the entire place tidy will help the packers get the job done more quickly. You can store valuable items in a separate place and store them with care. The packers will not take down wall-mounted items, so you should remove these items yourself before moving day. Before the packers arrive, sort your items into categories. Put items that you do not use or need in the appropriate bin. Make sure to label everything. Label all items that are heavy or bulky. Organize rooms by labeling them. You can back up important electronic and computer items with portable hard drives or cloud storage. Designate someone trusted to stay at the new place, so you can be available for any questions or problems that arise.

3. How to reduce your packing and moving costs?

There are many ways to reduce the cost of packing and moving your belongings, especially if you are shifting across a long distance. For example, you could sell or donate old items to charity. Donate them to a local charity, which will pick them up for free. You can also buy inexpensive furniture at your destination. This is probably more cost-effective than moving heavy, cheap furniture. If you are shifting home, you can start collecting items months in advance. You can use newspaper and dish wrap as packing materials. You can also reuse Styrofoam kernels. There are many places that throw out boxes, so ask if they have any extra ones. Stores like grocery stores, clothing stores, sporting goods, and other stores often throw out boxes when they move items, so asking ahead will ensure you get the right boxes. In order to save on moving costs.

4. Which items are not allowed for packing and moving?

Before you hire movers to pack and move your belongings, you must know which items are not allowed. You may wonder what items are not allowed, but there are a few items that are clearly prohibited. One such item is alcohol, which is often illegal to transport across state lines. The list of non-allowable items is long and includes many seemingly innocent items, such as nail polish and kids' chemistry sets. Perishable items should be disposed of or given away prior to the moving day. Open refrigerator and freezer doors before moving day to reduce mould and odour. Remember that movers cannot be held responsible for items that they do not know about, so you should not leave them unattended in the moving truck. Leaving these items unattended may cause damage or delay in shipment. You can use up your food supplies before moving.

5. Why hiring a mover better than self-packing moving?

There are many reasons to hire a professional mover, and one of the most important is avoiding the pitfalls of self-packing your items. In addition to the time and effort saved, professional movers are equipped to handle the heavy lifting. This way, you won't have to worry about straining your muscles or damaging your new floors. Another reason to hire movers is the safety and security of your belongings. In addition to minimizing your stress, hiring movers means you won't have to worry about lifting a finger, wrapping boxes, or refuelling your truck. In addition to avoiding the stress and headaches of moving, hiring movers will save you time and money in the long run. The costs of renting a moving truck and buying packing materials can add up quickly. Also, if you're unsure of how much effort and time you're willing to put into packing your home, office items.

6. Why transit insurance is mandatory while shifting?

Purchasing transit insurance for your items is an essential part of your relocation. This type of insurance provides protection against all types of damage that may occur during transport. However, there are some common issues that may prevent you from being able to make a successful claim. These problems include employee dishonesty, improper packing, infestation, or mishandling of your items. A transit insurance policy will protect your goods against all of these situations, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind that your property will be taken care of when you are away. The most obvious reason to purchase transit insurance for your home or office items is the protection it provides. While moving is tedious and expensive, you cannot afford to lose or damage your most valuable possessions. This is where a transit insurance policy comes in handy. This insurance covers your goods from loading to unloading.

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